Model Call

Thank you for your interest in modeling for Indy Family Photo! We are looking for real moms of Indy to fill our portfolio and will occasionally post model calls for specific photoshoots. Check out all of the open model calls below.

General rules:

+ Please follow all application instructions to be considered.

+ We have a limited number of spots and a large number of applicants, so you may not be selected for the model call you apply for. Don’t be discouraged! You are still beautiful.

+ All models will receive a minimum of 5 digital images for their time, in return for allowing Indy Family Photo to use any images from the photoshoot for marketing purposes.

+ Model call shoots are centered around a specific goal; photos outside this scope will not be taken (for example, “I saw this shot on Pinterest, can we do that?”).


Current Open Model Calls

Model Call: Mom & Me

Indy Family Photo is currently seeking moms to participate in a photoshoot like the example above. All images will be of mom & her child(ren). We are looking for moms of all ages and shapes, with children through age 17.

Images will be of momma with their child(ren) on on a white backdrop in formal clothing. If time permits, additional images will be taken of momma with their little one on a gray backdrop in neutral, more casual clothing.


+ You must have a formal dress or pretty top for the photoshoot.

+ Children must have a formal outfit for the photoshoot. (Indy Family Photo has some formalwear for children available we may opt to use instead.)

To enter, please fill out the form below in entirety.