Prints or Digitals?

amanda family (56)

During your ordering session, you’ll decide whether to purchase prints, digital files, or some combination of both. So what should you plan on?

Most photographers offer only a collection of digital files, and nothing else. The problem is, most people don’t usually print them at all, meaning they spent hundreds of dollars in order to……hang out with a photographer. Let’s be honest, that’s not point of a photo session!

By providing full print services, we make it easy for you to be sure those prints end up on the walls – exactly where you want them. You might look at digital files sitting on your computer a few times a year, but portraits on your walls? You’ll look at them every day.

We offer digital files for purchase, but we encourage you to leave the printing up to us – we’ll take good care of you. Budget-quality kiosks at the dollar store will take those beautiful images and make them look cheap. That’s not what you want, and it’s not what we want, either! So we’ve partnered with an amazing professional print lab so that your photos are archival, high-quality, and correctly colored. They’re worth every penny.