In-Home Lifestyle Photos - aka, when Indiana weather moves your photo session indoors!

Amanda and Stephen had an outdoor portrait session scheduled in downtown Fortville - but, this is Indiana, and we had a strong winds warning that day! Now, we knew that they would physically survive those 50 mph winds just fine, but we were worried about crazy, blowing hair and chilly kiddos. Soooo, we moved our photoshoot to their home. Luckily, they have an absolutely stunning home! I had been encouraging Amanda for years to have an in-home photoshoot, and was secretly extremely excited about the change in location. An in-home lifestyle shoot allows me to capture those silly moments of play, while the kids can feel free to be themselves in a familiar environment. Everything is more relaxed, and moves a little slower. We can stop for potty breaks and snacks without much ado. We were able to incorporate some of their favorite activities - like painting nails with mommy, reading on the bed, digging up dinosaurs, and drinking hot cocoa. If you would like a low-stress photoshoot, then this style is a great option for you and your family!