Environmental Headshots: Marten Design

Have you met Ali Marten of Marten Design? Now you have! Marten Design is a full service design studio that works with projects of all sizes, small to large, residential to commercial. It is located in my building - Barracks 671 at Fort Ben. In fact, she and her husband are renovating, restoring, and updating the building themselves! I have been on the lucky receiving end of her design services, and was thrilled to photograph her in her beautiful design studio. Her set of environmental portraits works perfectly to showcase the welcoming and fresh vibe of her company. Then we finished up with some traditional headshots that she might need for places like LinkedIn or an “about” page on her website. Check out more about Marten Design at www.marten.design, and please contact us if you think that your company could benefit from this kind of headshot portraiture!