The Traveling Dress

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Thank you for your interest in participating in The Traveling Dress project!! Due to high levels of interest, the designer (Little Dreamers Tutus) has opened up additional dresses for rental - so we now have THREE dresses & weekends available! To apply, please read all the details on this page and fill out the form below.

Images from Little Dreamers Tutus Facebook page.


Dress One

October 18, 19, 20

traveling dress 1.jpg

Dress Two

November 8, 9, 10

traveling dress 2.jpg

Dress Three

November 15, 16, 17


I can’t wait to photograph as many kiddos as possible in these stunning gowns! Here are all of the details I have so far:

1. All dresses are size 8, but will also fit sizes 6, 7, and 9 (they lace up in the back, so will simply be a little long/short if your child is not an 8).

2. In return for modeling, you will receive a $450 credit toward image/print purchase! You may select digital files (printable up to 8”x10”) and/or prints (which come with matching digital files). Full pricing is available here, so you know what that looks like:

3. You’ll be invited back to the studio about 3 weeks later for an in-person ordering appointment, when you will view and choose the images you would like to apply your credit toward. **Per studio policy, there are no online galleries for image selection.

4. I only have each dress for a VERY limited amount of time, so I do need to take a $100 booking fee to make sure everyone actually shows up! As long as you show up for your appointment, your booking fee will be returned (or you can put it toward purchasing more images/prints).

5. The shoot will only include images of your one child, UNLESS you are willing to model as a family, dressed to the nines. I would LOVE to photograph your whole family (or just siblings, or mommy/me, or daddy/me), and can assist with dress rental for other members of your family to match! **Please note: you will be responsible for any additional wardrobe rental/purchases, but I can help you with your selections/vendors. I may have other dresses available in my studio wardrobe, depending on your other children’s sizes.

Apply below - I’ll accommodate as many people as possible into my schedule! You’ll be notified within the next few days.

Tell me more!

Parent Name *
Parent Name
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Which dress(es) are you interested in? What is your availability like for those dates? Keep in mind that greater availability helps with being chosen!
Who will I be photographing? Just one kiddo or are you including others? Please tell me their names, ages, and a little bit about their personality! If you are including other family members, how do you plan to dress?
Both studio and outdoor locations may be used. Do you have a strong preference toward one or the other? Keep in mind, later dates may be colder!
Please take a look at the pricing page (linked to in information point #2 above). Do you have any questions about how your $450 credit may be used?
Online permissions? *
Are you willing to sign release forms to allow Indy Family Photo and Little Dreamers Tutus to display your images online and on social media?