Your time is valuable -

so we’ll keep it quick and simple.

15 minutes or less. Black, gray, or white backgrounds. Image galleries within 48 hours.



Whether it’s for LinkedIn, your resume, business card, brochures, or even a billboard, your headshot makes a big first impression. Let’s make it a good one. That photo your coworker took with his phone of you leaning against a brick wall? Or the wedding one where you cropped out your best friend? Time to replace those! We suggest refreshing your headshot at least every two years.

Your Appointment

Indy Family Photo offers timeless headshot photography, made easy for the busy professional. Simply schedule your 15 minute appointment, then come into the studio. Most of us adults hate having our pictures taken - we get it! We’ll make it as painless and quick as possible. Let us know while booking if you have any preferences about backdrop color, and if you would like a moody, serious, fun, or approachable headshot. Bring up to three outfits and use our in-studio dressing room to add variety to your session.

Your Images

After your session is complete, we’ll send over a soft-proofed digital gallery of your images within two business days. Choose one image (included in your booking fee) or add on all of your favorites (additional images purchased separately). Once you’ve made your selection, we’ll send over the finished, retouched images within two more business days. Bam. You’re done.


Our booking fee is $175. This includes your appointment and one fully retouched image of your choice. Add on any additional images you would like for $75 each.