An Adventure Shoot: Sisters, Confetti, and Gorgeous Gowns!

Hey there gang! I’m here today to show you a styled adventures shoot we did for two sisters. This took place in our Indianapolis studio, which was perfect, because we wanted to use ridiculous amounts of confetti!! It’s not healthy for the environment/birds to scatter tons of confetti outdoors, so we love having this indoor option.

The first part of the shoot was beautifully bohemian-feeling. I rented gorgeous gowns for these two to feel absolutely magical, and gave them glittery stars to spread around the set. I opted for periwinkle dresses, and they kept hugging each other – so sweet!!

The second part of the shoot was filled with confetti. The girls’ preschool teachers hand out small baggies with sequin confetti, and call them “treasures”. The youngest sister is especially enamored with these little treasures, so I surprised them with an extra huge amount of confetti! They careful piled it in jars, poured it out, tossed it in the air, and started all over again. We also pulled out some paper confetti, aviators, and the industrial fan at the end.

Bethany shot some lovely behind the scenes footage, which I compiled into this video. Check it out to see the process, and scroll down for the photos!

Screenshot 2018-04-28 at 9.52.47 PM.png